Commitment to Ethics and Transparency



GRI 4.8

The Code of Ethical Conduct establishes relationship standards to be followed by the Company, its Members, Suppliers, Communities and the public in general. Disclosed to all members, who commit to abide by it, the document ensures equal employment opportunities for all members, since the actions taken by the Company are based on the principle of trust. The Code also details the position of Odebrecht Agroindustrial on issues such as discrimination, harassment and abuse of power, and situations of intimidation, embarrassment or threats are not tolerated, regardless of the members involved.

Through the “Harvesting Ideas” channel, which can be accessed through the Internet or by phone, partners, suppliers, members, and communities are able to send their suggestions, report violations to the Code of Conduct, and communicate other risks relating to the company’s business. The channel is confidential, and all contacts are analyzed by an outsourced company, which guarantees privacy and impartiality in the handling of the information received. In the 2012-2013 crop year, 176 reports were received including topics such as requests for improvements in health, safety and environment, in addition to potential violations of the Code of Ethical Conduct. No corruption-related reports were filed.

During the period, the Company created an internal area for the assessment of fraud. With the assistance of specialized external advisors, all agroindustrial units were analyzed and all potential risks were mapped.

Odebrecht Agroindustrial is also supported by the Ethics Committee, which strengthens its commitment to transparency and equality. This group includes the Business Leader, and leaders of the People, Sustainability and Communication, Legal, and Finance areas. The suggestions, complaints and information sent through the “Harvesting Ideas” channel and the Ethics Committee are highly valuable for the analysis of internal procedures.