The Odebrecht Organization

Odebrecht is a Brazilian organization, incorporated in 1944. It is committed to satisfying its clients, creating value for its shareholders, assisting with the development of the communities in which it operates and realizing the potential of its members.

It operates in the energy sector, in environmental, industrial, chemical and petrochemical engineering, infrastructure, ethanol and sugar, oil and gas, real estate development, share participation and investment, transport and logistics, defense and technology, and ancillary institutions. The Organization controls the following companies: Odebrecht Agroindustrial; Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial; Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias; Odebrecht Infraestrutura; Odebrecht América Latina; Odebrecht Venezuela; Odebrecht África, Emirados Árabes e Portugal; Foz do Brasil; Odebrecht TransPort; Odebrecht Óleo e Gás; Braskem; Estaleiro Enseada do Paraguaçu; and Odebrecht Defesa e Tecnologia. Odebrecht Participações e Investimentos and OCS – Odebrecht Administradora e Corretora de Seguros provide support for its operations, and Odeprev looks after the post-career needs of its members.

It contributes to the communities where it operates by transferring technology and helping to make them centers of social justice, economically prosperous, environmentally sustainable, participants in politics and rich in cultural terms. It also regards training and hiring local labor as a priority, as well as the use of products and services that can be supplied by local companies. The member companies of the Organization, and the Odebrecht Foundation, are responsible for developing social projects.