Vision and Values

GRI 4.8

Odebrecht Agroindustrial was created to be a leading company in bioenergy, aimed at generating value for all its stakeholders, with a strategy for growth and continuity, based on the pillars of competitiveness, sustainability and focus on people. The Company is in line with the 2020 Vision of the Odebrecht Organization, based on the following guidelines:

  • To establish long-term commitments, to build politically strategic relationships based on trust, and to integrate with society, becoming a source of pride for the communities in which it operates, through its contribution to sustainable development.
  • To earn the trust of its clients, shareholders and partners through a capacity to achieve, fulfillment of commitments assumed, excellence in all it does, transparency and good governance.
  • To be the first choice of its clients for its recognized capacity to meet their needs through integrated and innovative solutions to major global challenges, such as the availability of water, energy, infrastructure, industrial inputs and food.